Solomon Islands celebrates International Women’s Day

Local women dancing in Honiara to celebrate International Women's Day

Local women dancing in Honiara to celebrate International Women’s Day

About 2000 people marched, and sometimes danced, through the streets of Honiara this morning to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Under the theme “be bold for change” the crowd marched from the city centre to the National Art Gallery, where the crowd danced, played Australian football and heard Solomon Islands’ Government Ministers speak about the important role women play in local society.
Solomon Islands Government Minister for Women Freda A.B Tuki Soriacomua said the day was about making a “bold statement” to stand up and be bold for change.
She spoke of the various Government plans to provide protection for women and families.
However plans to have a number of new domestic policies launched today, such as the domestic violence strategy, have been delayed.
The Minister also highlighted world leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa May as examples of how women can achieve great things.
Closer to home, the Minister highlighted the role of local women getting by day-to-day.
“Whether it is selling bettlenut on roadside stores to help your family (we) pay tribute to you today.
Ministry of Women, Youth and Children permanent secretary Ethel Sigimanu said it was a time of reflection, celebration and achievement.
“But there’s also a feeling of sadness with all our sacrifices,” she said
The Solomon Islands is 124th out of 128 nations in the assessment of economic advantage for women.
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