FSII CEO Benjamin Afuga. Photo credit: FSII.

FSII CEO Benjamin Afuga. Photo credit: FSII.

The issues raised in last week’s public forum held by the Forum Solomon Islands International are important for the development and livelihood of Solomon Islanders, said FSII Chief Executive Officer Benjamin Afuga.

Resolutions reached after the forum has categorized government decisions which were described as “controversial” into four categories.

They are Conflict of interest, Political appointments, Development projects and Cabinet decisions.

Mr Afuga told SIBC News the DCC Government must live up to its promises.

“Two very strong statements were uttered by the Prime Minister one of which was that he’s a changed person and the other was that he and his government will deal with corruption head on, so based on these two promises, he has built a lot of confidence in the people of Solomon Islands and even for us FSII PM Sogavare is our choice and we have placed our trust and confidence in him.”

The theme of last week’s public forum was ‘Responsible Citizens for Responsible Government’.

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