Banana diversity at last year's festival. Photo credit:

Banana diversity at last year’s festival. Photo credit:

The National Government through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has expressed commitment to preserving local cultures.

Director of Culture Mr. Dennis Mareta told SIBC’s Zeri Leni during this week’s Banana Festival.

Mr Mareta said Solomon Islands must respect the existing national strategy to promote our unique cultures.

He said the Culture Division of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism values the importance of culture and is committed to its development.

“Culture is an important component of this and that’s why we are supporting this event and not only this. We would also be looking forward to supporting any other events and I think the important thing is getting the message especially to our young people about the importance of culture and also I’d like to say that in whatever engagement of people, culture must always be there through their traditional values.”

Mr Mareta adds the Ministry will continue supporting such an event to ensure our future generations are able to influence its

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