Deputy Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga. Photo credit: SIBC.

Deputy Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga. Photo credit: SIBC.

Acting Commissioner of Police Juanita Matanga is urging the people of Mono, Shortland islands to come forward and convene dialogue with the Royal Solomon Islands Police.

Ms Matanga says the issues affecting the island will be resolved, only if they are willing to see eye to eye with the Police and dialogue.

“They should come forward so that we can discuss it. We discuss it because our intention is to try and work closely with the communities. This Police Force is for the Solomon Islanders and it belongs to Solomon Islands. We are here entrusted under the laws to enforce the laws. But when it comes to situation where is a misunderstanding happens, this is where we need to come forward so that we can worktogether.”

Meanwhile, the Acting Commissioner of Police stressed, there were no firearms used during the stand-off between Police and the Mono villagers.

She clarified by firearms she means – no lethal weapons such as guns handled or used by Police.

Ms Matanga says Police responded to the stand-off at Mono with other capabilities.

However, reports reaching SIBC News by eye witnesses say Police used tear gas, rubber bullets and flares during the stand-off.

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