More serious cyber crimes expected for Solomon Islands


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The challenges of Cyber Crime will be more acute for Solomon Islands as the country expects its first ever undersea cable by the end of next year.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley echoed these sentiments at his recent media conference in Honiara.

Reflecting on this year’s theme for the Chiefs of Police Conference held in Nauru, Commissioner Varley said cyber crime will become more acute for the country in the future.

“The challenge of cyber crime is going to become more acute for Solomo

n Islands as we head towards the future with the undersea cable project. At the moment I think we’re somewhat insulated from some of the cyber threats that face other countries because of the limited bandwidth but as that opens up you can see the challenges that will face us not only in terms of basic cyber crime such as hacking and theft and fraud but more complex cyber crime which interferes with things like you know, computer networks and systems and steals data.”

The Police Commissioner said, cyber crime is inevitable and requires partnership to address it.

“And you can see this happening all around the world, there’s no reason why Solomon Islands would continue to be immune from that and that’s something that we’ll have to look at in consultation with our partners such as ICTSU who are also and already great partners with RSIPF.”

The theme of this year’s Chiefs of Police Conference was “Security Challenges in an online Pacific”.

By: Rickson Bau

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