Nearly half of Solomon Islands children under five stunted


Poor nutrition in young children is at an alarming rate in the country.

Poor nutritional intake by children resulting in stunting remains one of the top development challenges in the country.

This was revealed during the launching of the Solomon Islands national statistics development strategy report today in Honiara, where it was revealed that poor child nutrition resulting in stunting was alarmingly high in the country.

Presenting the details was government statistician, Mr Douglas Kimi, who said that 32 percent of children under five years were stunted, which 10 percent of them were severely stunted.

Mr Kini said this was one of the major findings that was increasing at an alarming rate.

He also said this issue may have future implications on the national economy and labor force capability.

“This is a result of poor health and nutritional factors resulting from the country’s poor socioeconomic conditions,” He said.

“This will have implications on reduced work capacity, which will further impede our national economic productivity.”


By: Lowen Sei


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