The graduate doctors from Cuba. Photo credit: Judith Foukona.

                                                        The graduate doctors from Cuba. Photo credit: Judith Foukona.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) has clarified media reports tarnishing trainee doctors as having failed their exam.

The Medical Training Committee explains, the purpose of the examination is to provide the Training Committee with information regarding the basic medical knowledge and general understanding about the level of knowledge of each of the graduates.

It says this is because the doctors are trained outside the Pacific Region where the emphasis on the content of their curriculum differs.

The Committee says the examination is to gauge the common conditions encountered in the Solomon Islands health service adding, it is just one aspect of the overall assessment of the medical graduates.

It explained a global rating is made by term supervisors, based on a 360 degrees subjective assessment which is either satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

Detail rating was also made in regards to meeting the minimum requirement set out in the outcome statement approved by the Medical and Dental Board.

It shows that four graduates would require a very close supervision and support, the rest are performing to a reasonable level while a few are performing to high standard.

Meanwhile, Medical Training Committee is currently discussing a support policy and guidelines to underpin the management of Graduates who are having difficulties and perform poorly during their internship training program.

The Committee will administer another examination to inform the final assessment of the 24 medical graduates in the Bridging Program.

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