Commissioner of Lands Nelson Naoapu at a syposium recently. Photo credit:

Commissioner of Lands Nelson Naoapu at a symposium recently. Photo credit:

A new resolution by the Lands Board has ordered the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey not to accept any more applications for land.

Commissioner of Lands Nelson Naoapu says the Ministry will no longer accept land applications until the Land Board decides otherwise.

One other resolution reached by the Board is for the Ministry to put all the land it has taken back through forfeiture on a public tender.

The Lands Commissioner says all applications for forfeited land will be made to the Lands Board.

The Land Board has also increased the Fixed Term Estate from fifty years to seventy-five years, and the Commissioner says people should approach the Board to discuss the renewal of their estates if they reach eighty percent of the fixed term.

“If your FTE or Fixed-Term Estate is 50 years and then you resided there for 40 years, which means only 10 years remains and with that you have to come forward to the ministry and make us aware so that you can either surrender it back so as to assist the ministry’s work to renew your Fixed-Term Estate land title.”

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