The White River School. Photo credit: Panoramio.

The White River School. Photo credit: Panoramio.

A concerned parent of White River Community High School in Honiara has raised concerns over the absence of parents-teachers association meetings an important process in school development.

Benny Matthew told SIBC News, the last meeting was held two years ago.

He says a parents teachers association meeting is important as it will inform all parents, teachers and the school board on the school’s performance and development strategy.

He adds, there are important agendas that need clarification and as parents, they are calling on the school authorities to immediately convene a meeting.

“Agendas we want the school management and board to clarify to us concerned parents are the school budget for 2016, the financial report on the revenue and expenditures for 2016, the new board members election, the primary division budget for 2016 as well as the primary division’s 2015 revenue and expenditure. Other issues include the school sanitation”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Matthew said he has written to the Honiara City Council Education Authority and the White River school board and Principal flagging his worry but has not heard from the authorities.

“I wrote a letter to the HCC education authority and the school board and school principal and the HCC’s CEO never responded. We formally submit our concerns, so the question is what happened? If the HCC Chief Education Officer is responsible for looking after the school then he should have reacted to our concern as parents of the school.”

SIBC News will soon carry the authorities’ response.

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