A map of North Malaita. Photo credit: SIBC.

A map of North Malaita. Photo credit: SIBC.

Malaita’s Northern region now faces low water pressure – a direct phenomenon of the current severe dry weather.

The drought has affected people’s water sources.

SIBC News North Malaita stringer John Andrew Kiri reports, in some communities, water supply is drying up.

“A few communities here, especially in the Fo’ondo district and West Baelelea have expressed their concerns over their main water supply source, which is now running low.”

Mr Kiri also reports if the drought continues, streams, rivers and people’s livelihood will be miserable.

“The people said if the situation continues to persist until December in three months time, it will get even worse as streams and rivers are drying up.”

Meanwhile, the Central Islands Provincial Government had received reports of water shortage from communities around the province.

Provincial Secretary James Taeburi told SIBC News, several reports were received by the Provincial Office during the previous week.

Mr Taeburi says, assessment teams were deployed to the affected areas, compile reports and submitted to his office recently.

He adds the Provincial Executive must be consulted to effectively deal with each water shortage complaint.

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