One UN Pacific Website launched

Virtual launch of the one UN Pacific website launch|©Photo by Vanuatu Daily Post

The United Nations Organisation and its agencies in the Pacific has this week launched the “One UN Pacific Website” via zoom video teleconference.

The video conference brought together journalists from the UN member countries in the region to witness the launching ahead of the UN’s 75th Anniversary, this week.  

A statement from Fiji based, UN Resident Coordinator Sanaka Samarasinha said the creation of the Website is a milestone for multilateralism communication in the region and a concrete step in that direction.

Meanwhile, speaking during the Website launching, UN Resident Coordinator’s Communications & Advocacy Analyst, Sanya Renu Ruggiero highlights the key areas of the  One UN Pacific Website.

 “Some of the key areas we want to address through the UN in the Pacific Website is Awareness-raising, Advocacy, Alliance building, and Accountability to the people we serve in our member countries.”

She said the goal is to highlight the most vulnerable groups In our communities. 

“The key issues affecting our Pacific Island Member States – whether that’s the climate crisis; greater efforts around disability inclusion; violence against women and girls; and many more.” 

Ms. Renu Ruggiero said, while several UN agencies operating in the Pacific have their websites, the One UN website is a hub of centralized information around which UN agencies work in each of our ten member countries.

” Through a storytelling approach, the website is also envisioned to be a home for engaging stories told through the eyes and lived 

experiences of our partners across Government, Civil Society, our donors, Youth, the private sector, and other key development partners.”

The theme for the UN75 commemorations this year is “The future we want, the UN we need.”

by Charley Piringi

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