The Opposition Leader Hon. Jeremiah Manele. Photo credit: Parliament.

The Opposition Leader Hon. Jeremiah Manele. Photo credit: Parliament.

The Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition Hon. Jeremiah Manele is not attending the national reconciliation ceremony because there was no formal invitation made to him.

A statement from the Opposition Office reports, although a formal program was given late last Friday, no formal invitation was accorded to the Leader.

The Opposition Office said that such program of national importance should be accorded with protocol and proper procedures.

The Opposition also added, failure by the organisers to carry out such a simple but very important administrative work as writing a formal invitation letter indicates that the program is not properly organised and executed and reflect very badly on the Prime Minister’s Office.

The statement says the government should be honest that this nationwide reconciliation is poorly organised to say the least adding, by any scale, this is utterly a very irresponsible action by the government.

The Parliamentary Opposition said this issue touches the core being of many Solomon Islanders that have been affected by the ethnic tension we must treat it with utmost respect and dignity.

It further stated if it’s the intention of the government to implement the reconciliation ceremony for purposes of ticking off one of its policies then that would be a grave mistake.

It advices, a national reconciliation ceremony should only occur once all issues pertaining to the eruption of the tension are fully addressed by the government, otherwise any ceremony organised now is meaningless and it is a waste of resources.

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