Oversight Committee Assured public that breach of quarantine protocols will not go unpunished

Pacific Casino Hotel

The COVID-19 Oversight Committee has assured the public that allegations of breach of quarantine protocols on 3rd September at the Pacific Casino Hotel will not go unpunished.

Chairman of the COVID-19 Oversight Committee Mr. James Remobatu said the Committee has been alerted to the allegations of possible breaches of Quarantine protocols and have already requested the Camp Management who is responsible for management of Quarantine Stations to provide a full report on the incident.

He added, the Committee will be taking the all necessary actions to ensure that those responsible for the breach be held accountable once it receives a full report from the Camp Management Committee.

“I would like to assure the public that if it has been established that a breach has been committed, the Oversight Committee will be ensuring that all persons responsible for the breach will be dealt with accordingly pursuant to the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) (No.3) Regulations 2020 and other relevant laws of Solomon Islands including the Penal Code.”

Mr. Remobatu confirms, the Oversight Committee today (07th Sept) agreed that the report be referred to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force for investigation. Part of the decision was for the health team to deal with the person who went to the Pacific Casino to collect the plastic bag.

Police is currently investigating the matter.

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