Government Covid-19 Oversight Committee is open to ideas

Any government institutions, non- government organizations or individuals has the freedom to provide advice or information to the COVID- 19 Oversight Committee (OSC).

Some members of the Oversight Committee

Government pointed out that since its inception, the OSC has opened its doors to suggestions and ideas, and to date many organizations have consulted with the OSC. Therefore any institutions or individuals to make a public statement to the effect that OSC is not forthcoming to suggestions is a blatant liar and borders on falsehood.

The National Government added that the OSC is created with a deliberate intention to have its apolitical- no connection to politicians- thus its membership comprised of experts and professionals. In terms of technical know- how, the OSC is proficient in that regard.

“As always echoed in the recent past, the virus is already here, let us deal with it,” the National Government stated.

The government added that if anyone is aggrieved with the manner in which government handles the COVID- 19 community transmission, then the Parliamentary Health and Medical Services Committee can be used as a vehicle to raise health issues on the floor of parliament as well.

“The Parliamentary Health and Medical Services Committee can cause an investigation and compile a report for parliament’s deliberation,” the National Government explained.

The government also recommended that an aggrieved person can also use the courts to challenge any matters concerning the way government handles the COVID- 19 community transmission.

The government added that otherwise the Oversight Committee stands ready and open to any suggestions or ideas from anyone.

However, any suggestions or ideas forwarded to the OSC will be properly considered and weighed on by the committee before a decision can be made.

-PM Press Secretariat 

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