Stephen Panga. Photo: SIBC.

Stephen Panga. Photo: SIBC.

The Provincial Assembly Member for Ghaobata Ward, also intending candidate for the North Guadalcanal seat, has denied reports that he criticised other candidates during his campaign.

Mr Panga also described the reports as misleading. He made the statements in response to a report from SIBC’s North Guadalcanal stringer, Duddley Gani.

Gani had reported last week, the former Guadalcanal Premier had criticised other candidates in his campaign.

But Mr Panga told SIBC News, this was not true.

“There’s no criticism I did against any candidate and all along my political campaign in the Ghaobata ward is based on my plans and what I would like to put in that Constituency.”

On the issue of ward grants, the Ghaobata Provincial Assembly Member says ward grants are provided by province’s revenue and not from the central government.

“It was after the tensions that the Provincial Government tried to create it and that funding is not funded by direct grants from the Central Government, rather it is being funded by the province’s budget and the provision can only be used when revenue collectors collect revenue before it can be paid out. It is not a grant from the Central Government.”

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