Papa Cidy posing with Wantok FM's Zeri Leni. Photo credit: SIBC

Papa Cidy posing with Wantok FM’s Zeri Leni. Photo credit: SIBC

The singer of the popular “Evalina” song on the radio waves that gained its popularity since last year in Solomon Islands is here in town.

Singer, 24-year-old Hamidu Sekyeru commonly known as Papa Cidy touched down in Honiara yesterday for his three days show to celebrate mother’s day in Solomon Islands.

Speaking to SIBC News, Papa Cidy says this is his first Pacific tour, saying he will also tour New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea.

He says his three days show in Honiara is dedicated to all the mothers in Honiara including his mother who is in Uganda, East Africa at the moment.

“I would love to dedicate this show to you the mothers and the fathers. The fathers you need to take care of the mothers, so you need to bring up the mothers and they have fun in this show. It’s going to be a totally massive show, we’re going to turn the showdown. We’re going to kill it and trust me it’s going to be fire and I’m dedicating this to my mother too.”

Papa Cidy is here for two weeks and has plans to tour Western Province which is yet to be confirmed.

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