Atoifi, East Malaita. Photo credit:

Atoifi, East Malaita. Photo credit:

East Malaita has recorded a peaceful Christmas and New year celebration this festive season.

Enoch Idui from East Malaita told SIBC News today the region has experienced a peaceful festive season, unlike in the past where certain communities had experience anti-social problems and alcohol-related disturbances.

He says families and communities have contributed to the peaceful festive season- engaging in various activities.

“Going around some of the communities in East Malaita I observed that most families have continued with their peaceful celebrations gathering for a family time, singing carols and other activities. Other larger communities have engaged in sports activities since Christmas and would till next week.

Mr. Idui adds sports activities become the magnet this festive season as more games continue.

It is understood, apart from a suspicious death in Makira, and sporadic minor unwanted incidents, most celebrations across the country including the capital city have been merry.

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