A bridge in West Guadalcanal being disconnected from the main road. Photo credit: Julian Maka'a.

A bridge in West Guadalcanal being disconnected from the main road. Photo credit: Julian Maka’a.

Tangarare people of West Guadalcanal have expressed concerns over the delay of relief supplies to their community.

Satona Council of Chiefs Coordinator, Kalisto Peli recently told SIBC News, assessments have been conducted and relief assistance is long overdue.

Mr Peli says, parts of Guadalcanal and other provinces have been declared disaster zones adding, any form of response is taking forever to decide.

“Since the world and Pacific knew about our plight, assessments should not take longer as we are heading towards suffering. The responsible authorities should work together with us in sorting out the relief work so that we can help them to fast track the much awaited for relief.”

He adds, such delays were also experienced in past disasters and wonder when will responsible authorities learn the art of prompt response.

However, the National Disaster Management Office explains, the delay is due to an advance warrant they have applied for, which is yet to be approved by the government.

SIBC News understands, disaster affected areas in Isabel, Western, parts of Guadalcanal, Malaita and Makira-Ulawa provinces are still waiting for any form of relief supplies.

Meanwhile, the funds allocated for relief supplies to the April flood victims has run out.

The National Disaster Management Office confirms to SIBC News today.

The disaster office says they have applied for an advance warrant to the government and are still waiting for approval.

SIBC News understands, 50 tonnes of rice donated by the Republic of China will be distributed to the victims while waiting for the approval of the advance warrant.

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