A Biometric Voter Registration sticker. Photo: SIBC.

A Biometric Voter Registration sticker. Photo: SIBC.

People working and living in Buala, Isabel province have questioned why there is no ‘out of constituency’ registration center in the provinces.

A Nursing Officer working at Buala Hospital, Martin Gavira said it is too expensive for people to travel to Honiara to register from provinces they work in.

He said out of constituency registration centres should have been placed in all other provinces, apart from Honirara itself.

“What they’ve raised is why is it that only in Honiara they have two out-of-constituency voter registration centres. We think this should be applicable at all urban centres, especially in Buala, Auki, Gizo and others, where it will allow free and cheap movement and to be stationed at Buala to allow registrations.”

The Nursing Officer calls on the Government to provide fair placements of ‘out of constituency’ registration centers in the future.

Meanwhile, 18 year olds studying at Waimapuru in Makira Province have expressed disappointment in missing out on the biometric voter’s registration program.

Students representative Milton Maeulawa from East Are’are said students should have been given the opportunity to register to vote in the coming election.

He said they are the future of the country, and they have the right to register to vote for good leadership for Solomon Islands.

“It seems we can also contribute to vote in Solomon Islands as the country’s future are these students, so to deny them from their right to register and vote only implies that the government has no concern for them or have stronger thoughts about their future,” he said.

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