One of the access roads built by the people. Photo credit: SIBC.

One of the access roads built by the people. Photo credit: SIBC.

While a lot of people are waiting for the government to fix their roads and bridges, people of Naro, West Guadalcanal have taken the initiative to fix the road themselves to cater for their vehicles to reach Honiara city.

A Samuel Tohini says his boys are maintaining the road after the April 3 flash floods which affected most of the infrastructure in West and Northwest Guadalcanal.

He says they are maintaining the roads themselves to allow their vehicles take their products to markets and also enable them to have access to Honiara.

“This is disaster time, but we had to fix these road patches to get our products to the market because if we keep on waiting on the government we don’t know when it will fix up the damaged bridges. We don’t know whether the government has enough funds. That’s why we think if nothing is done, the damaged bridges might as well remain as they are for one or two years, causing us to suffer. So the little money we asked for is just to acknowledge our boys for taking the initiative to repair the roads.”

SIBC News understands other areas in West and Northwest Guadalcanal
are also carrying out similar work on their roads and bridges.

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