Dr Jimmy Rodgers. Photo credit: Pacific Disability online.

Dr Jimmy Rodgers. Photo credit: Pacific Disability online.

The President of the Solomon Islands People First Party, Dr Jimmy Rodgers has promised real change for Solomon Islands.

Dr Rodgers, the former head of the Secretariat of the South Pacific told a press conference today, the Party wants to bring real change to Solomon Islands.

He adds the People’s First Party’s manifesto is all about the putting the people first and ensuring the welfare of the country.

“The solutions to this country’s problems in the future is not going to be easy, but the starting point is getting the right people and get them in right numbers, and I think this is the thing about parties. Parties are a new concept in the Solomon Islands, but it’s a kind of thing that every country have put in because once you have a party position and if us, our party position is people first. Everything that we would do is about people, is for people and is with people.”

A total of 34 candidates will be contesting next month’s General Elections under the Solomon Islands People First Party.

SIBC News understands the party is holding a public awareness program this Sunday at the Auditorium in Honiara.

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