Police enhance visibility in Western province ahead of polling day

Police enhance visibility in Western province ahead of polling day

By Alfred Pagepitu


Western Province

With just one day remaining before the polls, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and Assistance Defense Force have implemented a heightened police presence in the outskirts of Western and Choisuel provinces as part of their joint election efforts.

In the Western Province, police officers have been strategically deployed across nine constituencies in preparation for the upcoming polling day.

Today, Gizo town witnessed police officers diligently carrying out their duties along the streets and patrolling the shores of Western and Choisuel waters.

Provincial Police Commander Mathias Lenialu, in a statement, expressed his officers’ full readiness for deployment throughout the region, working together with officers from Honiara and regional partners.

The Gizo police station in Western province

Lenialu confirmed that his officers are stationed at the polling stations within the nine constituencies of the Western Province.

Lenialu conveyed his confidence in the ability of his officers to provide effective security and urged the public to actively support their work by cooperating with the authorities and showing respect towards the police personnel during their duties.

He also emphasized that the police force is well-equipped to handle any unexpected circumstances that may arise during the electoral process, calling upon citizens to extend their support and demonstrate respect for the dedicated police personnel.

Lenialu added that the campaign period has concluded without any significant issues related to the election being reported thus far.

“Over 200 officers will be deployed across the Western Province. As we approach the day of casting our votes, my officers are fully prepared and committed to ensuring a seamless and peaceful democratic exercise for all citizens in the province. I would like to acknowledge the citizens of the Western Province for their valuable contribution towards a fair and transparent election tomorrow,” Lenialu said.


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