Solomon Islands under campaign blackout

Solomon Islands under campaign blackout


By Fredrick Kusu/SIEC

A campaign blackout is currently enforced in Solomon Islands ahead of the polling day tomorrow (Wednesday 17 April).

Reporting and promotion of all campaign related materials is now prohibited starting midnight last night.

The blackout also prohibited the discussion of any campaign issues and dissecting individual candidates.

In a media statement Chief Electoral Officer Jasper Anisi advised candidates, their supporters and the general public of the penalty for engaging in election campaign activities during the blackout period.

A person who engages in election campaign activities outside the campaign period  commits an offence as specified in the Electoral Act 2018 section 124.”

“Campaigning period ends at midnight Monday 15 April, 24 hours before Election Day. Election day is  on 17 April 2024.”

“All forms of election campaigns should stop as of midnight last night (Monday night). This  means campaign materials such as candidate posters, t-shirts and anything bearing the name or symbol of candidates should not be on display or visible in our communities including slogans promoting a candidate or a party. 

Auki town observing the campaign blackout | Photo: George Hoatamauri (SIBC)

“Campaigning inside this campaign blackout period is an electoral offence with a fine of  $20,000 and a maximum of 2 years imprisonment and or both,” Mr Anisi stated.

Election campaigning is a form of activity in which a candidate or a candidate’s agent tries  to influence how a voter casts his/her vote. 

It could be in the following forms; public gatherings or promotional events, publishing a statement or advertisement promoting a candidate or party candidate and conducting public opinion.

Other prohibited activities include any item that imitates a ballot paper that has a picture of a candidate, a  symbol, and anything that would promote a candidate, displaying the name and symbol of a candidate or party, distribution of promotional items such as stickers, wristbands, balloons, or  streamers on political party colours and making oral presentations that promote a particular candidate or political party. 

The Chief Electoral Officer strongly called on candidates and supporters to respect each other and  uphold electoral laws.


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