Police investigate ‘cult’ group after alleged bow and arrow shooting


A bow and arrow was allegedly used. File photo.

Solomons Police are appealing to the leaders of the cultist group called ‘Platform’ on Makira to come forward to discuss the alleged shooting of an Anglican Tasiu in the Rea Highlands last month.

The Provincial Police Commander, Makira-Ulawa Province, Peter Sitai confirmed he deployed his officers to investigate the incident but are yet to make any arrest.

It is aledged members of the group shot the man with a bow and arrow on August 20.

Mr Sitai has appealed to the leaders of the cultist group to come forward and discuss the incident of the alleged shooting and resolve the matter.

He called on people in the community not to take any retaliatory action while the Police were trying to resolve the situation.

The Tasiu has now recovered from his injuries. He was believed to have been shot with a bow and arrow which injured his left ribs.


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