Solomon Islands improves by five points in the CPI


Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela. Photo: PM Press Secretariat

Caretaker Prime Minister, Rick Hounipwela says the ranking as stated in the Corruption Perception Index is encouraging for Solomon Islands as an island nation.

Prime Minister Houenipwela was speaking at a media conference yesterday.

“That our efforts to fight corruption in Solomon Islands has been acknowledged in the improvement of our standing in the Corruption Perception Index, CPI published by the Transparency Solomon Islands International on Tuesday this week.

“The increase from 39 to 44 points out of 100 whilst small is still significant. It demonstrates that we still have some way to go to further our standing in the CPI.

He assures, the country now has the necessary tools to tackle corruption in the country.

“Let me assure you that we have the tools now to help us achieve that goal. In that regard it is important for me to highlight that the decision by the MCC Board of Directors to invite Solomon Islands to participate at its threshold program is a vote of confidence by the board on both our commitment to fight corruption as a country and our ability to succeed in that fight.

Solomon Islands is currently ranked 44 out of 100 countries in the Corruption Perception Index.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of Transparency Solomon Islands, Ruth Liloqula said the five points does not really reflect the country’s situation.

“I am happy that we have improved but it’s not a reflection of what we see either . It’s a beginning we see that i as a person am in here, a woman giving birth at the Central hospital having to undergo surgical procedures without anesthetic and to us the public service is still very corrupt, not happy with the result.

“But we’re making progress. Previously we ranked two, just about thee steps from the most corrupt which is Somalia.”

She urged all Solomon Islanders to work together to totally eradicate or improve on addressing corruption in the country.

The Corruption Perception Index ranks the most corrupt countries first while the least corrupt countries are ranked at the bottom.

By: Charley Piringi and Allen Waitara 

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