Premier David Maena highlights ‘unity’ as most significant keystone for Temotu’s advancement

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The Premier of Temotu Province has singled out ‘unity’ as the most significant keystone for his province’s advancement.

Addressing his people at the Provincial capital Lata during his province’s second appointed day last Friday, David Maena said, the people of Temotu province have a brighter future working in unison.

Premier Maena said, together, every challenges experienced are stepping stones to greater achievements.

He reminded the people of Temotu of their uniqueness- many different languages, backgrounds, colours and cultures.

Mr. Maena said, in all its immensity, Temotuans are one people.

“This unity was once the foundation early leaders in Temotu enjoyed, but sadly, this is slowly slipping away,” the premier said.

He said landowners offering their land to house the provincial headquarter Lata was one of the many examples of the unity their former leaders enjoyed in the past.

Mr. Maena calls for unity in the sectors of Education, Agriculture, fisheries, Forestry and religion as Temotu celebrate 35 years of provincial government.


By: Leni Dalavera

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