Premier Veo Appoints New Executive

The Newly elected Premier for Western Province Billy Veo has appointed his Deputy Premier and Executives today.

Premier Billy Veo

Premier Veo is also the Minister for State, Community and Ecclesiastical Affairs, Hon Carlrick Runimetu as the Deputy Premier and Minister for Finance and Treasury, Hon Pitrie Sute as the Minister for Lands, Housing and Physical Planning, Hon Gordon Zebo  as the Minister for Education and human Resource Development, Hon Alesina Redfern as the Minister for Planning, economic Development and Aid project coordination and Hon Jennings Movobule as the Minister for Commerce and Investment.

Others are Hon Ron Kituru Ghemu as the Minister for Culture and Tourism, Hon Jenty Issac as the Minister for Agriculture and Forestry, Hon Sutclliffe George as the Minister for Energy and natural Resources, Hon Brian Lotikena as the Minister for Transport, Works and Communication, Hon Kenneth George as the Minister for Health and Rural Water Supply, Hon Richard Beck as the Minister for Women, Youth and Sports Development and Hon Fredrick Alepitu as the Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources.

In his speech, Premier Billy Veo stated that the event today has completed the final process of a newly elected government.


By A’aron Zetu, SIBC’s Radio Hapi Lagun


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