Education. Photo credit: Australian Shareholders.

Education. Photo credit: Australian Shareholders.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development has made progress in the improvement of Education accessibility in Solomon Islands.

Permanent Secretary Dr. Franco Rodie highlighted this at the recent launching of the Education Strategic Framework 2016-2030.

He says while expectations are far from being met, it is still ‘work in progress’.

Dr. Rodie says the Education Ministry will now focus on sub-sectors to continue access to education.

“Some sectors of education we need to improve on are early childhood education as well as senior secondary education sub-sector and the controversial one tertiary education which is quite an important one but it appears that we sometime do not agree on the kind of scholarship budget that we come up with. One dimention in which we can acertain whether we are making progress in terms of quality is the literacy and numeracy standards of our school children.”

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