National Parliament of Solomon Islands building. Photo credit: Synexe.

National Parliament of Solomon Islands building. Photo credit: Synexe.

A concerned Isabel man Landry Losi has called on the Ministry of Public Service to review its Act.

Mr Losi made the comment following the recent announcement of $400,000.00 terminal grant for each Parliament Member after Parliament dissolves.

He says as a retired public servant, it is unfair because he served the government more than 30 years and did not receive anything near the terminal grant paid to MPs who served the government for a mere four years.

“We see this as unfair, so I as a person from the rural area asked the Public Service Commissioner or other Commissioners of the other line Ministries to review the Act according to the Parliamentarians’ terminal grants of $400,000.000 which they received at the end of fours after the house dissolved. This is unfair for same public servant officers who served the government for more than 10-40 years only to receive amounts nowhere near $400,000.00, less than a $100,000.00.

Mr Losi says, it is also unfair that all MPs receive the same amount adding, terminal grants should be paid to MPs according to their performance in Parliament.

“It is also unfair that some only serve four years with poor performance in contributions to all Bills as reported by the Transparency Solomon Islands, but they received a huge amount compared to all hardworking officers who deserve their time in all Ministries only receiving less at the end of their 10-40 years retirement.”

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