Tambea has new Fisheries Center

Solomon Islands fishermen with their catch.

A new Fisheries Centre is now open at Tambea, Saghalu ward in North-West Guadalcanal.

Fishermen in and around Tambea will also be able to fish at a nearby Fish Aggregating Device, FAD, installed by Fisheries officials in the area.

A Chief in the area, Raimi Liulonga told SIBC’s West Guadalcanal stringer John Toki, the people are benefiting from the newly opened Fisheries Centre.

“Before the launch a lot of people have benefited out of the fisheries centre because can be able to store their fish, chicken, pork before going to the market so I think it is obviously a huge achievement for us in this community as well as the whole Saghalu ward. This belongs to the whole Saghalu ward and not only this community”.

With a FAD proposed to be built and floated in the area soon, Chief Liulonga calls on people in the region to respect these facilities.

“The proposed rafter that will be installed for us in this part of Guadalcanal it’s very important that we must look after it. Not like one previously installed spoiled by a few bunch of stupid boys who took off the ropes so for this one I think we will try to put in place a few by-laws to ensure people respect it as we can make a little earning out of it”.

SIBC Online understands, the Centre was made possible by the Government of Solomon Islands through its Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

By: Rickson Bau

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