Over looking Point Cruz in Honiara. Photo credit: Turismo Hotels.

Overlooking Point Cruz in Honiara. Photo credit: Turismo Hotels.

Quality buildings in town centres can be achieved if there are more qualified Civil Engineering Supervisors in Solomon Islands.

Currently, Solomon Islands obtains Civil Engineering qualifications overseas which are expensive.

Speaking to SIBC News, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure Development Moses Virivolomo said, his Ministry will be working with the Solomon Islands National University to ensure Civil Engineering courses are offered in the country.

He said the country needs more qualified Supervisors to ensure quality buildings and town centres are built in the country.

“In terms of sustainability purposes maybe we will be working with our University to try and offer the courses locally with cheaper rates so as to encourage more people to train, not only in terms of transport or roads, wharves and airfield construction but also in terms of building because even our building industry needs qualified and trained supervisors to make sure that our buildings at the town centers or cities are built to the best standard.”

SIBC News understands the Ministry of Infrastructure Development has launched a Civil Engineering certificate 4 workshop yesterday.

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