Prime Minister and MP for East Choiseul Manasseh Sogavare. Photo credit: Parliament.

Prime Minister and MP for East Choiseul Manasseh Sogavare. Photo credit: Parliament.

Prime Minister Manasseh Damukana Sogavare has assured the people of Solomon Islands, dealing with people’s daily survival stories is his government’s priority.

Prime Minister Sogavare made the comment while delivering his maiden speech outside Parliament after the Governor General announced his victory as the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands.

Mr. Sogavare outlines some of the keys tasks his government will immediately work on.

“We have some huge task immediately to do. First we realise we need a stabilisation initiative that would come quick in the form of a mini-budget. It is also important that we get this thing done so that despite our economic slowdown basic services will continue to reach our people, then in the longer run of course, but not too far away we will need to try and pump our economy. This can be done through big overseas investments, of course, we will be looking into that and capital injection into the economy and it is clear that our country is in dire need of new money to come into it and we’ll do that through investments.”

He adds his new government’s vision for change is not just political rhetoric.

“And I like to say here that my new government’s vision for change isn’t just political rhetoric. All of us know of the need for redirection and reforms, change must embrace these themes. We will stress this point when we talk with all our stakeholder including the international donor community in our community and who have helped us so much. To all our traditional partners and overseas friends and RAMSI we all recognise the challenge that lies ahead in building a stronger Solomon Islands and we can only achieve that by working together.”

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