Former Renbel Premier Lence Tangosia. Photo credit: George Hemming.

Former Renbel Premier Lence Tangosia. Photo credit: George Hemming.

Speaker of Rennell and Bellona Provincial Assembly Norman Sa’oghatogha suggests, the decision taken by Cabinet on the Attorney General’s advise regarding the province is biased.

In a media statement yesterday Mr Sa’oghatogha said his office believes, any decision taken by the Attorney General’s Chambers should assist resolve the political impasse in the Renbel province.

But he says, the Cabinet decision to suspend the RenBel Provincial government will only deepen the current political situation.

He says, a clear explanation from both the Attorney General’s Chambers and the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening over the matter must be done.

Meanwhile, a government statement last week said the Rennell and Bellona Provincial Government has been suspended following the unresolved political impasse affecting the delivery of services to the people of the Province.

Provincial Government Minister Silas Tausinga issued the suspension order in accordance with section 44(1) (b) of the provincial Government Act.

It explained, Renbel Province has no executive government as most MPAs resigned from Premier Lence Tango.

The statement said Mr. Tango has also failed to advice the minister of any new appointments to form a provincial executive after he was deserted.

Minister Tausinga has taken the action following deliberations and consultations with the Prime Minister’s Office, the Renbel Provincial Government, the Attorney General Chambers and other agencies on the right course of action to ensure the people of Renbel Province enjoy the services they are entitled to.

Other grounds for suspension include financial mismanagement, unstable provincial governance systems and lack of dedication from the provincial Assembly members.

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