Sun set over the Bina Harbour. Photo credit:

Sunset over the Bina Harbour. Photo credit:

Resource owners of Suava Bay and Bina Harbour in Malaita Province have expressed overwhelming support for the DCC Government’s move to prioritise the two development projects.

A government statement said the two parties expressed their support during consultations with a Government team that travelled to the two sites on a scoping mission last week.

Bina Harbour in the Central region has been earmarked for a seaport and free industrial economic zone development, and Suava Bay in the Northern region is to host a seaport and fish processing factory.

Tribal representatives of Mana’abu community, Henry Tabusu told the visiting government delegation Suava resource owners have already undertaken initiatives in preparation for the project to be implemented.

Mr Tabusu said the Suava area tribes held a major reconciliation ceremony last year to prepare for developments in the proposed project sites.

He said they can now meaningfully contribute to the development of their area and are ready to work with the government and investors to develop their resources.

Mr Tabusu adds another significant resource owners’ initiative was the establishment of the Harivava Development Governing Council.

SIBC News understands the Council will oversee land and tribal issues and engage in direct consultations with investors and government agencies.

Meanwhile, resource owners at the Bina Habour development site also came out in full force and in full support for the proposed Bina Harbour Seaport and Industrial Zone project.

The Government Communication Unit said cooperation amongst tribal groups has paved the way for an amicable partnership that resulted in the formation of an Interim Committee.

The Interim Committee addresses tribal land issues.

The Bina Resource Owners have also told the visiting Government delegation, resource owners realise the projects must move forward and they are willing to contribute to solving their issues.

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