Vella La Vella workshop participants. Photo credit:  MNURP.

Vella La Vella workshop participants. Photo credit: MNURP.

The Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace has successfully completed a four days workshop on Strengthening and Empowering Leadership in the Community at Kuava Village, South Vella La Vella, Western Province.

The workshop brought together chiefs, traditional leaders, church leaders, women and people of Vella La Vella to empower and strengthen chiefs and traditional leaders in the communities about making good decisions.

Speaking at the workshop, Western Provincial Minister of State, Community and Church Affairs Honourable Jane Tozaka said the workshop marks the first step to peace by bringing together chiefs, traditional leaders and women.

She said chiefs and traditional leaders are important in the society as peace brokers and as the first people to settle disputes and problems in the community.

Meanwhile, a Council of Chiefs called the Vella La Vella Council of Chiefs was also established during the four days workshop.

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