Saitala warns candidates

Mose Saitala.

All candidates who contested this year’s National General Election have until this Saturday 20th July to file their Statement of Account or face hefty fine spelt out by the law.

This is a strong warning from the Chief Electoral Officer, Mose Saitala.

In a statement the SIEO CEO said, it is a requirement under the electoral law (Section 69 of the Electoral Act 2018) that all candidates, successful and unsuccessful, must file their Statement of Account 90 days after the publication of election results.

He further explained, election results were published on 19th April, therefore the final day for the submission of candidates’ Statement of Account is this Saturday, 20th July 2019.

Mr. Saitala reminded candidates that failure to complete and file their Statement of Account in the approved Form provided under Regulation 9A of the Electoral (Amendment) Regulations 2019, carries a penalty of $20,000 , or 2 years imprisonment or both.

A 100 dollar fine will also be imposed daily after the lapse of the due date.


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