Savo Island should be Solomons’ tourism hub: elder

A sandy beach on Savo near the entrance to the climb up Savo’s volcano

Savo Island in the Central Province should be development to take the lead as the country’s tourism hub, a elder from the island says.

Walter Ben Turasi spoke to SIBC following articles about Savo’s tourism potential published in the print media last week.

A sunset from Savo Island

Supporting the comments, Mr. Turasi said tourism was a worthy investment perfect for a small Island with little resources and within Honiara City’s proximity.

“I think Savo has great potential,” he said. “It has a volcano there, nice sun beach, and people are so kind and friendly.

Cooking cassava and megapode egg in Savo’s volcano

“It’s very close to Honiara and easy to get to by boat. It just needs investment.”

Savo Island currently has one major tourism accommodation spot, Sunset Lodge, and a number of attractions such as the dolphin cave, megapode field and WWII wrecks.

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