Russell Islands. Photo: SIBC

Russell Islands. Photo: SIBC

The current severe dry weather has worsen its impacts on Russell Islands, Central Province.

SIBC News stringer for Central Islands Province Mr Tome Kiki confirms, people of the island have now been forced to seek food and water elsewhere.

“The past four months of El Nino has caused a lot of impacts especially on food gardens, plants and grass like never before. People here are starting to travel for far distances to get drinking water and are starting to use water from dug-out wells for cooking.”

Meanwhile, after about four months of drought, Temotu Pele residents finally receive rainfall.

A jubilant Temotu school teacher, Mr. Ishmael Ou’ou says if it wasn’t for the week long rain, life would be extremely difficult for Pele people – their animals and root crops.

Mr. Ou’ou says their water tanks and dug-out wells are over flowing again.

He says, it is difficult to imagine a community without water.

“From the previous week to last week we have experienced heavy rains and throughout the week we’ve also experience some rain and for that we’re really happy.”

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