The phase on which the JICA funded project will commence. Photo; Courtesy of SIPA.

The phase on which the JICA funded project will commence. Photo: Courtesy of SIPA.

Japan’s Ambassador to Solomon Islands has asked the Government to settle issues within Ports Authority for the improvement of Honiara International wharf, as soon as possible.

The project is worth 3-point-7 million dollars and the Solomon Islands Ports Authority is the implementing agency.

Speaking at the signing of the project last Friday, Satoshi Nakajima said the signing marks the beginning of a new partnership towards the completion of the project.

“We believe that if we stay in our close partnership, there will be no obstacles we can’t overcome before the goal. Let’s unite ourselves for that final goal into the coming years”.

The Japanese Ambassador also urged the Solomon Islands Government to sort management problem of the Ports Authority.

“We hope and believe that the SIPA’s management and governance issue will be settled soon, under relevant rules and wise guidance of the leaders of Solomon Islands, so that this project, which focussed on the hard aspect to expand the port facilities would have a synergy with efforts given by development partners in enhancing each of our capacity and efficiency for the benefit of all Solomon Islanders”, said the Japanese Ambassador.

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