SIBC managers complete Job Instructions training

Department Managers of the National Broadcaster (SIBC) completed a five-day training in Honiara, today.

SIBC Chief Executive Officer, Johnson Honimae

The workshop is based on Job Instructions, one of the three modules under the Training Within Industry (TWI) developed by the Pacific International Centre for High Technology Research (PICHTR) based in Hawaii.

The training is facilitated by Mr. Glyn Joshua from the Results Training and Consultancy, a certified Senior TWI Trainer.

The TWI module teaches supervisors and team leaders how to quickly train employees to do their job correctly, safely, and conscientiously. 

Proper Job Instruction helps reduce and improve quality issues, defects, wasters, instill orderly thinking and assist employees’ performance according to organizations’

expectations and specifications.

SIBC’s Chief Executive Officer Jonson Honimaea says the training provides an opportunity for managers to learn new skills.

“SIBC decided to invite Mr. Joshua to facilitate the training for its managers because the Corporation believes the training provides an opportunity for its managers to acquire new skills through training.

It allows managers to properly structure their work in an ad hoc manner,” he says. 

CEO Honimae adds that the managers will now train employees to perform to an expected level.

“I believe the managers will take less time to train employees to expected production and service levels.

The quality of work at SIBC is improved and a better level of service is delivered to our customers,” Mr. Honimae says.

The training ended with the presentation of certificates to the managers.

The SIBC management team will now assess the usefulness of the Job Instructions module and decide whether it will continue with the two other modules under the TWI including Job Relation and Job Methods or getting other staff to undergo the Job Instruction module before the management continues with two other modules.


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