Musical note. Photo credit:

Musical note. Photo credit:

The Interim President of the Solomon Islands Music Federation Dennis Marita has said the Federation’s objective is to ensure that they achieve tangible benefits for musicians in the country.

In an interview with SIBC News recently, Mr Marita said one of the issues that the Music Federation is trying to achieve now is the intellectual property copyright.

“I understand that a lot of our recordings of our artists have been shipped out from the country into the region and internationally where people are enjoying it and even benefiting from, but the very people producing the music actually gets nothing out of it, so it is time that we focus on achieving benefits for our musicians and our artists.”

He says the Solomon Islands Music Federation is starting to regain confidence from its stakeholders including the government.

“The Federation at the moment is starting to regain its confidence from stakeholders including the government and, of course, the members itself.”

The Federation was revitalized last month.

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