Solomon’s arts and crafts fascinate FestPAC visitors

Solomon’s arts and crafts fascinate FestPAC visitors


Solomon Islands traditional and contemporary arts and craft displays have captivated the hearts and curiosity of festival visitors heralding the originality, creativity and uniqueness of our arts industry.

Despite missing out the opening ceremony on Thursday 6 June due to tight flight movements, the Solomon Islands delegation, especially, our visual artists opened the Solomon Islands stall at the festival village on Saturday June 8 attracting hundreds of visitors throughout the day.

A young artist interacts with a visitor.

Visitors range from Art Collectors, Museum Owners, families and individuals varying from the old to the very young.

“Our carvings, shell products, mats, paintings, ornaments, decorations, fans and panpipes are the most attractive items that visitors are looking for,” said artist, Paul Ramosaea.

Ramosaea said the Solomon Islands stall was packed with visitors immediately after it was opened and continued throughout to the close of festival village on day one.

“As an artist I felt very proud that our products have drawn huge interest from the visitors some who were surprised and curious to learn more about Solomons Arts and Crafts,” he said.

Festival Director, Dennis Marita conveyed his gratitude to the artists for making an impact on day one drawing a huge number of visitors to the Solomon Islands stall.

“I am proud of this event which helped to promote our arts and crafts to the outside world and I congratulate our visual artists for this splendid start,” Marita said.

The Festival will continue through out the week and will conclude on June 16.

The Solomon Islands 85-member delegation participates in various aspects of the festival including, performing, visual and culinary arts, Oratory arts, weaving, carving, music and dance, filming, symposiums and meetings.


– Government Communication Unit

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