Life-saving equipment. Photo credit:

Life-saving equipment. Photo credit:

The Maritime Service has warned the traveling public, especially sea fearers to always take safety precautions.

Deputy Director Brian Aunima told SIBC’s ‘Distaem Nao’ program this morning that most of the incidents they received indicated unsafe traveling.

He strongly warn people to always avoid traveling on boats that do not have safety appliances.

“Our people who are travelling by canoe between our islands and also our skippers who drive our canoes, do not board a boat without safety equipment and life-saving appliances as every boat must have them. A skipper has to have such equipment on board a boat before travelling from place to place as these are important but are always ignored by people.”

Mr. Aunima made this advisory message following the recent tragic deaths of three people from Isabel Province and a Yamaha boat that recently went missing between South-Malaita and Ulawa.

He said travelers must always ensure their boats are fully equipped with safety equipments before traveling.

“All canoe drivers, all canoe owners be sure that your canoe is safe with gas and proper functioning engine as well as some life-saving gear on board before leaving to your destination.”

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