The new RSIPF Commissioner, Frank Prendergast from Australia. Photo credit: SIBC.

The new RSIPF Commissioner, Frank Prendergast from Australia. Photo credit: SIBC.

Six people have been arrested for the break in and assault incident at the Ruavatu National Secondary School.

The School closed early last weekend after a group of men stormed into the school and broke into a girls dormitory.

The teachers and students were then evacuated to safety at the Police Post at Henderson, East Honiara.

Police Commissioner Frank Prendagast told a media conference Thursday this week, the six people are now in custody and have been charged with a range of offences including indecent assault.

The Police Commissioner also says police hope to make more arrests soon.

“That investigation is still on going, we’re aware of some other people who were involved and we are obviously proceeding to continue that investigation. Because we have people in custody now and the matter will be put before the court, it’s not something I can comment on in any detail other to confirm we have made six arrests and the investigation is continuing. I have to say am very dissapointed with the incident, I think this is the type of incident that the community can’t tolerate.”

Meanwhile, police are yet to make an arrest in the murder of the tasiu of the Melanesian Brotherhood.

The tasiu’s body was found along the Vura road in West Guadalcanal last month.

Police Commissioner Frank Prendergast told local media, police are treating the death as suspicious but have yet to make an arrest.

“We are obviously very concerned about that incident, we’re treating it as suspicious, the death is suspicious and the investigation is very much underway at the moment and we’re pursuing a number of leads of enquiry and because that is an active investigation I can’t say too much more at this stage, so we’re really attempting to understand the circumstances of what occurred and who might have been involved and then take what action we need to, so that investigation is ongoing.”

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