The SOE features. Photo credit: SIBC.

The SOE features. Photo credit: SIBC.

It’s on again for the Six State Owned Enterprises, SOE, who will battle it out in various sporting events as part of their 38th Independence anniversary celebrations on 7th July.

Solomon Airlines, Ports Authority, Solomon Water, SIBC, CEMA, and SIEA are gearing up for the clash on – 11 a-side soccer, netball, volleyball and darts competitions with the final fun sports of the day, Tug of War to cap it all up.

The one-day tournament will be held at the Telekom Sports facility at Ranadi.

The only omission this year is the Postal Corporation who withdraw this year.

Chairman of the SOE Games committee Mr. Benjamin Ereanimae states, as the main drivers in delivering core Government services to the nation, it is only fitting that at least once in a year, employees of state owned enterprises do take time out to celebrate one of the most important events in our nation’s political history.

Mr. Ereanimae says, this year’s host is the S.I Ports Authority.

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