Solbrew Announces SBD 1 million Sponsorship for 2023 Pacific Games

Solomon Breweries Limited have officially announced a 1-million-dollar sponsorship for the Pacific Games 2023.

Delivering the special announcement to members of the media on Friday, Solbrew Corporate Affairs Manager, Qila Tuhanuku says they are proud to be sponsoring the games.

Solbrew and GOC staff

“The Pacific Games is an opportunity to celebrate other aspects of Solomon Islands that we have not had a moment to look at, our sports men and women and the next generation through sports.”

“It is with this spirit that Solbrew has made this commitment. We feel it is both a duty and honor as a business that has operated in Solomon Islands close to 30 years now to do our part to support the hosting of the games.”

Qila Tuhanuku

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Games Organising Committee (GOC) Mr. Martin Rara acknowledged Solbrew for the support.

“It is very encouraging to see Solbrew coming on board on this undertaking. In these trying times and by supporting 1 million dollars, we value such contributions. So thank you very much to the staff, management and the company for this great support.”

Martin Rara

GOC Chief Executive Officer Mr. Peter Stewart also confirmed during the special announcement that they are currently in discussions with several organizations for sponsorships.

“We are very confident that over the next few weeks we will be making a range of other announcements of corporate partners.”

Solbrew is the first business house to officially announce a sponsorship for the Pacific Games. Their sponsorship will be the bronze sponsorship for the Games Organizing Committee, for the 2023 Pacific Games.


By Eliza Kukutu & Crofton Utukana

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