Solbrew cans. Photo credit: Flickr.

Solbrew cans. Photo credit: Flickr.

Solomon Breweries has launched its 6-packs throughout the provinces following its success in Honiara.

The easy to carry packs have proven to be very popular and are cheaper compared to buying six single bottles.

A media statement from the country’s brewer said more people are buying 6-packs at a better value than single bottles at the black markets at higher prices.

Company General Manager, Andy Hewson said 6-packs are the world’s largest selling pack format.

He says Solbrew is keen to give its customers the same offer.

Mr Hewson confirmed that Solbrew reps have been travelling throughout the provinces as far as Shortland Islands introducing the 6-packs.

He said beer has always been the core business of Solbrew.

Mr Hewson said high quality Solbrew products require responsible alcohol consumption.

Established in 1993, Solomon Breweries Ltd is the leading local brewer in the country.

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