Solomon Airlines apologises for unexpected disruption to international services


Solomon Airlines has apologised for disruptions caused by an unexpected defect on their Airbus A320- 200 H4-SIB aircraft which impacted flights between Brisbane and Honiara on Wednesday, and will now  delay today’s services IE701 from Brisbane to Honiara, and IE700 from Honiara to Brisbane. 

Solomon Airlines airbus. File Photo/SolAir

Solomon Airlines said a replacement part, an ‘exciter’ utilised within the aircraft’s ignition system, was  not available locally and was being urgently supplied from the USA. The A320 aircraft will be operational  as soon as the part is installed. 

“We sincerely regret this disruption, and any inconvenience caused to our passengers, particularly at  this busy time of year,” Solomon Airlines Chief Executive Officer Gus Kraus said.

“We are doing all that we can to obtain the part as soon as possible to ensure that we can resume our  normal scheduled operations.’’  

“We anticipate the part to arrive in Brisbane early on Saturday morning and to be fitted during the  morning. This may result in a delay to Saturday’s services as well and we will keep our passengers fully  informed,” he said. 

“Safety is our foremost priority and the aircraft could not be dispatched without this problem being  resolved satisfactorily,” he added. 

Solomon Airlines flights on Friday 30 December 2022 will be subject to a 13-hour delay with Nauru  Airlines aircraft now operating the service.  

Flight IE701 from Brisbane to Honiara, originally scheduled to depart at 9.00am, will now depart Brisbane  at 10.00pm arriving in Honiara at 2:20am. Flight IE700 originally scheduled to depart Honiara at  2:20pm, will now depart the next day at 3:20am, arriving into Brisbane at 5:30am local time. 

For any queries, passengers have been advised to visit the Solomon Airlines website, contact the airline  via Facebook Messenger, or contact Solomon Airlines Reservations team by calling 177 within Solomon  Islands, or via the international numbers +677 23506 or +61 07 38605883 during office hours.


Solomon Airlines 

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