Chief Electoral Officer Polycarp Haununu. Photo credit: SIBC.

Chief Electoral Officer Polycarp Haununu. Photo credit: SIBC.

Solomon Islands will go to the polls on November 19.

Governor General Sir Frank Kabui signed a declaration on the date yesterday in Honiara.

Meanwhile, Chief Electoral Officer Polycarp Haununu says this is a historic election for Solomon Islands as it will use the country’s new, accurate, credible voters list for the first time.

He adds, he looks forward to seeing the 287,567 registered voters on the roll cast their vote freely and fairly on Election Day.

SIBC News understands returning officers now have until November 11 to post election notices in the 50 constituencies across the country.

Meanwhile, the Chief Electoral Officer says the country now has 42 days till polling day.

Polycarp Haununu made the statement at a media conference today.

Mr Haununu says polling day will immediately follow the 42 days.

“According to our timeline for the elections we have 42 days and so this means we will be going to the polls on 19th November.

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