Environmental Health National Director Tom Nanau. Photo: Courtesy of arsenic.ddo

Environmental Health National Director Tom Nanau. Photo: Courtesy of arsenic.ddo

Today is World Handwashing Day and Solomon Islands has joined millions of people around the world to commemorate the day.

Each year 200 million people around the world in over 100 countries celebrate the Global Handwashing Day event. Teachers and parents, celebrities and government officials are also mobilizing and motivating millions to reduce life threatening diseases.

At a media conference yesterday, Environmental Health Director of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Tom Nanau told local journalists while Solomon Islands has joined the world to mark this day, it is important to encourage the simple practice of handwashing.

He says it is very important that parents understand this practice and get the behaviour to the children.

“Now it is very important for us audience across the country especially children, you are the main target audience of this program and also parents we would like you to understand this and get this practice and behaviour as very important in our lives, which can affect our personal health and hygiene either in a positive or negative way.”

The Environmental Health Director appealed to all parents and their children to take the message of the World handwashing Day seriously by practicing them.

“The messages that will be delivered throughout this day carefully, cautiously, and not be hearers of the message only but be doers of the messages, put them into practice, which is very important, and so we once again would like to appeal to all parents and children to take these messages seriously.”

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